Memorabilia Room Update – 18th Nov

Thank you to Kev Casey, Paul Heron, Stu Pigdon, Tim De La Zilwa and Battery members Tom Miller and Tao Shen who joined me today for another productive and team building work day in the Memorabilia Room. It was great to see Craig Batten drop in to assist for a couple of hours.

An incredible amount of work was once again completed which far exceeded our expectation.

Works completed:

  • Mopping of the lino areas
  • Removal of items from the office/ kitchen area and bar top to the storage room
  • Cleaning of the entire kitchen area including crockery
  • Cleaning of the glass cabinets outside and inside of all cabinets
  • Vacuuming the inside of the cabinets
  • Arranging displays of items in the cabinets
  • Relocating the band equipment items to another space in the MR
  • Removing the models and timber display shelves, packing the models, and moving to the storage room.
  • Establishing silver in the cabinets for display
  • Removing items from the MR to the storage room
  • Wipe down of the conference table and providing an additional chair
  • Removing items from walls and arranging according to Unit, Battery and in chronological order
  • Rearranging the uniform displays and vacuuming the uniforms
  • Final vacuum of the floor area including along the edge where the carpet meets the wall and dusting of areas including light switches

Thanks go out to Major Brilliant (BC) for providing two members of the Battery on this day to support the Memorabilia Room refurbishment. Thanks again go out to Tim for organising the work party.

It was great to stop for mornos and enjoy a lunch of gourmet jaffles which contained a variety of spaghetti, cheese, vegemite, salami etc. washed down with coffee. The kitchen area is now fully functioning (and clean) and can be used during our committee meetings for food and drink preparation (however not advisable to use the tap water due to discolouration).

On the day of the AGM, I request we arrive at 0900h to complete the final touch which includes fitting the final pictures etc to the back wall. I can bring drill and fixtures.

We can chat about placing our new sign temporarily on the door for purposes of the AGM.

Attached photos and virtual tour capture the work on the day.

An awesome achievement in all respects, thank you team!

Thank you


Garry Rolfe

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