Memorabilia Room Update – 28th Oct 2023

Thank you to Peter Rowley, Maris Sloan, Kev Casey, Paul Heron and Gnr’s Andrew Lim and Tao Shen who joined me today for another productive and team building work day in the Memorabilia Room.

An incredible amount of work was completed which far exceeded our expectation.

Maris scrubbed the lino floor at the doorway entrance and surrounds then moved onto cleaning items of silver including the Key to the Freedom of the City of Dandenong and silver plaques.

Peter and Paul worked furiously to fit the glass mirror backing to the two display cabinets. One display cabinet is against the wall next to the reading corner and now displays military tunics. The second cabinet is ready to be filled with display items. Andrew and Tao provided most of the heavy lifting and relocated boxes of items into the storage room under the supervision of Kev.

Thanks go out to Major Brilliant for providing members of the Battery on this day and on the next work day to support the Memorabilia Room refurbishment. Thanks go out to Tim for organising the work party.

The floor was vacuumed which has made a huge difference to the presentation of the room. The curtains were removed and now allows considerable amount of natural light which brightens up the room.

The highlight of the day was moving the cabinets into position so items can now be displayed for viewing. As the cabinets are a mix of matches, a gap has been left between cabinets. Uniformed mannequins have been placed in the gaps which adds to the presentation of the room.

The room is taking shape and considering this project commenced over two years ago, achieving our objective is now in sight and we are now on the downhill run.

It has been suggested that at our next work day on Saturday 18th November, we put in a full six-hour work day. Work tasks include cleaning the glass cabinets and commencing the placement of items in the cabinets for display. It will be terrific if the room can be presented to members at the AGM, a task I am confident we can achieve. Members working on this day can be supported with the provision of lunch if approved by the committee.

Attached photos capture the work on the day.

An awesome achievement in all respects.

Thank you


Garry Rolfe

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