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Association Committee

The committee of the association is:

  • President: COL Jason Cooke
  • Vice President: LTCOL Peter Rowley
  • Secretary: MAJ Stuart Pigdon
  • Treasurer: LBDR Stjepan Bosjnak
  • General Committee: MAJ Garry Rolfe, GNR Paul Heron, CAPT David Edwards

LTCOL Rowley drives the social agenda, GNR Heron leads the membership activities, CAPT Edwards looks after the website, and GNR Heron and MAJ Rolfe are looking after the museum and assets the association holds.

The best way to contact the key committee members is via the following emails

Whilst we’d rather not post personal email addresses or phone numbers on a public website, if you need to contact a specific committee member, you can email the secretary. There is also an online contact form on the Inquiries page.

For snail mail you can contact:

The Secretary, RAA Assoc (VIC), 
4 Jane Court, 
Langwarrin, VIC, 3910

2/10 Bty Address

The Victorian battery has the following mailing address:

2/10 BTY, 
P.O. Box 1253
71 Chapel Street
Windsor 3181