cas·ca·bel (ksk-bl) n. 1. A rounded projection behind the breech of a muzzleloading cannon. Spanish origin.

Artillery use. After 1800 AD, it became adjustable. The breech is closed in large calibres by a CASCABEL(E) screw, which is a solid block of forged wrought iron, screwed into the breech coil until it pressed against the end of the steel tube.

The Publication. The Association publishes a journal each quarter. It is distributed in colour to members via Australia Post, and also uploaded here as a PDF file. The name ‘CASCABEL’ was put forward by the first editor, Lieutenant Colonel Rob Gaw, and accepted because of its unique and obvious Artillery connection.

Note – Originally Cascabel was referred to as a “Journal” and is now a smaller “Newsletter”.

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The newsletters are as follows:

No.DateClick to Download
19Feb 24RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 19
18Oct 23RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 18
17Jun 23RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 17
16Apr 23RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 16
15Oct 21RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 15
14Jul 21RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 14
13Apr 21RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 13
12Jan 21RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 12
11Oct 20RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 11
10Jul 20RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 10
9Apr 20RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 9
8Jan 20RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 8
7Sep 18RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 7
6Feb 18RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 6
5Jul 17RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 5
4Feb 17RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 4
3Nov 16RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 3
2Sep 16RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 2
1Jul 16RAA Association (Vic) Newsletter Number 1


Quick Links

For those times when you want to track down an article that you’ve read in Cascabel but can’t remember which issue it’s in, the Editor has compiled a reference document containing the website links to many of the articles in Cascabel back to and including issue 107. To access the document click here.

Editions 80-126

The editions are listed below. Click on the issue to the right of the title to download the document.

126Apr 16The BearIssue126 – Apr 2016
125Jan 16Russian 6 inch 35 Calibre naval gun 1877Issue125 – Jan 2016
124Oct 15The K-300P (or Bastion-P) Russian missile systemIssue124 – Oct 2015
123Jul 15The Future Soldier?Issue123 – Jul 2015
122Apr 15Last Blast for HamelsIssue122 – Apr 2015
121Oct 14A Look Back in TimeIssue121 – Oct 2014
120Jul 14The Gun Park, 1943, Rollingstone Army CampIssue120 – Jul 2014
119Apr 14Corporal Cameron Stewart Baird VC, MGIssue119 – Apr 2014
118Jan 14The GunsIssue118 – Jan 2014
117Oct 13The Christmas Edition for all our Defence Force PersonnelIssue117 – Oct 2013
116Jul 1330th Anniversary EditionIssue116 – Jul 2013
115Apr 13Homeward Bound – Next Stop, AustraliaIssue115 – Apr 2013
114Jan 13Medal of Gallantry recipient – Bdr David RobertsonIssue114 – Jan 2013
113Oct 12We may get one of these one day – don’t hold your breathIssue113 – Oct 2012
112Jul 12Flying at its very best – AfghanistanIssue112 – Jul 2012
111Apr 12Lest We ForgetIssue111 – Apr 2012
110Jan 12New Uniform Revealed!Issue110 – Jan 2012
109Nov 11Afghanistan 2011- another never ending battle!Issue109 – Nov 2011
108Aug 11New Guns! The M777A2 arrives!Issue108 – Aug 2011
107May 11Honoring the FallenIssue107 – May 2011
106Feb 11The Artillery Training Team – Kabul (ATT-K)Issue106 – Feb 2011
105Nov 10The Christmas EditionIssue105 – Nov 2010
104Aug 10A Trench Mortar. (German Minenwerfer)Issue104 – Aug 2010
103Jun 1081 mm Mortar in actionIssue103 – Jun 2010
102Mar 10‘A’ Battery “Digging In”Issue102 – Mar 2010
101Nov 09Battery Observation Post – Seymour 1939Issue101 – Nov 2009
100Jul 09The Tsar Pushka, showing its massive bore and cannonballs.Issue100 – Jul 2009
99Apr 09A RAAF Caribou at Port Moresby, 2007Issue99 – Apr 2009
98Jan 09Major Hamer presenting the Association PlaqueIssue98 – Jan 2009
97Oct 08At the Gunner DinnerIssue97 – Oct 2008
96Jul 08Hawain, Wewak Area, New Guinea. 8 May 1945Issue96 – Jul 2008
95Apr 08RAA Association Church Parade 10 Feb 2008Issue95 – Apr 2008
94Jan 082nd Australian Mountain BatteryIssue94 – Jan 2008
93Oct 07Exmouth Gulf, WA. 12 Oct 1943Issue93 – Oct 2007
92Jul 07The Sunbury GunIssue92 – Jul 2007
91Apr 07Presentation by Major General Jim BarryIssue91 – Apr 2007
90Jan 078th Geelong Artillery, 1913Issue90 – Jan 2007
89Oct 068th G. A. (Geelong Artillery)Issue89 – Oct 2006
88Jul 06Unveiling of the Assoc’n plaqueIssue88 – Jul 2006
87Apr 06The Cenotaph at ClunesIssue87 – Apr 2006
86Jan 061956 Queen’s Birthday Salute, 2 Fd RegtIssue86 – Jan 2006
85Oct 0575 mm Pack How, 106 Tk Atk Regt, Lae, 1943Issue85 – Oct 2005
84Jul 0517 pdr from 3 RAR AT Pl, KoreaIssue84 – Jul 2005
83Apr 05Demo of new guns, Fort GellibrandIssue83 – Apr 2005
82Jun 05A Bygone EraIssue82 – Jan 2005
81Oct 04The Kangaroo Court, Gunner DinnerIssue81 – Oct 2004
80Jul 0418 pdrs of 11 Fd Bty, 4 Fd Regt, 1941/42Issue80 – Jul 2004

Editions 1-79

Thanks to MAJ David Osborne for scanning older copies of Cascabel. They are listed below (click name to open in a new browser tab):