About Us

Being an incorporated association we are subject to a legally approved constitution which in some parts may seem quite complicated. However our aims are really quite simply to maintain and support the traditions of the Regiment. Our membership consists of Gunners, other gunner associations and other interested parties such as historians or persons with an artillery affiliation.

Listed is our Statement of Purposes as shown in the Constitution.

  1. To foster esprit-de-corps and to create and cherish a bond of comradeship between all Gunners.
  2. To promote the military education of all Gunners whether serving or retired.
  3. To foster and maintain the history of the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery and encourage the establishment and/or restoration of artillery forts, barracks, sites, museums and memorials.
  4. To act as Trustees for charitable bequests.
  5. To produce and issue, gratuitously or by way of sale journals, pamphlets or other publications in furtherance of the objects of the Association.
  6. To establish, maintain and equip clubs, information bureaus, libraries and social and educational institutions and to do any other thing for the benefit of Gunners.
  7. To purchase or build any property or borrow, sell, lease or rent same or any portion thereof.
  8. To raise funds by all lawful means for the attainment of these objects.
  9. To affiliate with any other body having like aims and objects or to accept affiliation with such bodies on receipt of any fee which may be set for that purpose by the committee.
  10. To pay out of the funds all expenses incidental to the carrying out of these objects.

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