1991 22 Bty Gunners Dinner

I’ve scanned in a set of photos from a 22 Bty photo album. These are from a Gunners Dinner held in the Dandenong Depot at some time in 1991.

1991 Arty Ball Photos

I found the following photos in a photo album in the Memorabilia Room. They were from the Artillery Ball in 1991 so would have been after the 2/10 Mdm amalgamation. … Read more

The Southwest Cannon Trail

Following is an article I wrote for Cascabel last year that didn’t get published. As part of the 150th Anniversary of Artillery in Australia in 2021, we had three batteries … Read more

22 Bty Journal from 2003

SGT Helen Janner passed on a copy of the 22 Bty Journal from 2003. It’s a great read. It can be found here

Newsletter Nbr 17 Now Available

We have published the latest RAA Association (Vic) newsletter on the Cascabel page. We’d love to get some feedback on the new format of the newsletter. If you have any … Read more