New Photo Galleries

We’ve made a fairly significant update to the website – we have completely restructured the photo galleries. Up until now we have been using Google Photos to store the photos which was easy and allowed slideshow displays. We’ve now pulled them into the software running the website, meaning we can do a lot more with the photos.

What’s changed?

  • There is a new main Gallery page where you can see photos by category or folder structure.
  • You can search photos by category, such as all photos for 23 Bty or a specific Association event.
  • We’ve tagged many other photos by people, place and equipment. You can search photos by tag, such as all photos with “Rolfe” or “Cooke”, or all photos with “M2A2”. This page has a “tag cloud” showing all tags and how often those tags are used (the bigger the word, the more uses).
  • The old gallery is still there, but not on the main menu. We will keep it alive for some time.

The menu has been changed around, you can click on the Gallery menu item, or expand (down arrow) to see other options.

Hopefully the new structure will make it easier for members to find photos, and also help us compile a history of Artillery in Victoria.

Thanks to Dave Mills, Mitch Kenny and Peter Cimbalijevic for sending photos in. If you have some photos from your time in the regiment, please contact the secretary (

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