Random Photo – 23Bty Footy Team

I came across this photo when we were cleaning up the Museum at Chapel St. It features a footy team at Baxter, and given the faces I’m assuming it was a 23 Bty team in an inter Bty comp (sometime in the early- to mid-80’s). There are some very young faces there!

The faces identified are:

  • Standing (l-r) – Frank Quigley, Bob Armstrong, Trevor Mile, Jim Higgins, Jack Bohmer, ? Cavallaro, Wolfgang Wessner, Stuart Pigdon, unknown.
  • Seated (l-r) – John Traill, Jim Lake, Jim Goldsmith, unknown, Paul Visser, Tony Wilkins, Hookie, Adrian Cajero, unknown

Do you know any more, like the missing people, when it was and who they beat (I’d assume 2 Bty).

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