Stories from 10 Mdm Regt

A collection of stories from 10 Medium Regiment, RAA, including 37 Mdm Bty, 39 Mdm Bty, and 38 Mdm Bty (prior to the amalgamation of the regiments in 1991).

  • Random Photo – 37 Mdm Bty Footy Team

    In response to my earlier post Random Photo – 23Bty Footy Team, Glenn Rabbas has shared the following photo from 37 Bty.

    37 Bty Footy Team

    From Glenn “around 1976 when 37 Mdm Bty thumped the pop gunners from Melbourne, back L-R Graeme Rabbas , Clem Laybourne, ? , Andrew Barrett, Bill Martin, John Beames, ?, ?, ?, ? front L-R ?, Brian Dunn (dec), kiwi? , Steve Ryan (dec), ?, ?“. And “It could of been a 37 bty vs 39 bty game too“.

    Ker Camp also added “The guy in the white shorts next to Bill is Dave Glass“.

    Do you have any more info?

  • Bty and Regt Plaques

    The topic of plaques for 2/10 Bty has come up this week. This discussion led to an exploration of the different plaques that have been in use by the units that led to 2/10 Bty 9 Regt. Following are examples of those we can find. Many of the Bty plaques featured a mascot.

    2 Fd Regt

    2 Fd Regt preceded 2/15 Fd Regt. Here’s a plaque from 3 Bty at Landcox St, Brighton, from Peter Kama-Shattock.

    3 Fd Bty, 2 Fd Regt plaque

    15 Fd Regt

    15 Fd Regt preceded 2/15 Fd Regt. Here’s a regimental plaque from then.

    15 Fd Regt plaque

    1970 … 15 Field Regt. .. when H.Q. and 22 Bty. were based at Dandenong and it’s sister 23 Bty, was based at Frankston – Before merging with 2 Field Regt. Which, occurred in 1975 creating 2/15 Field Regiment.

    Ian Webley

    2/15 Fd Regt

    There were unofficial plaques for both 2 and 23 Btys (there may have been one or more for 3 Bty and HQ Bty, but I’m not aware of anything).

    There was a generic Regt plaque.

    2/15 Fd Regt plaque

    Here’s the 2/15 plaque as presented to Dave Mills.

    2 Bty

    The 2 Bty plaque featured the mascot Gunner Secundus.

    2 Fd Bty plaque

    The 2 Bty Plaque I had a lot to do with, organising the art work and sourcing the production in conjunction with the PMC of the Gunners Mess at the time.  The mess actually sponsored an albino snake at the Melbourne zoo with a copy of the plaque on “Gunner Secunds’” display.  You will also note two versions of the snake scale, black on white & white of black.

    LtCol Peter Rowley
    Alternate 2 Fd Bty plaque

    23 Bty

    23 Bty picked up the nickname (or called themselves) “The Rebels” so for a long time they used the Rebel Flag (US Confederate flag) as an emblem, and this early plaque shows this.

    23 Bty Rebels plaque
    23 Bty Rebels plaque

    The Bty had a longstanding relationship with Frankston and chose the dolphin as the mascot.

    23 Fd Bty plaque

    23 Bty had the dolphin mascot that I believe was a Col Swindels (BQMS) design. The dolphin was selected as the Frankston FC are the Dolphins and this emblem celebrated 23 Bty’s connection with the City of Frankston over many years.

    Maj Stuart Pigdon

    10 Mdm Regt

    I expect there were probably many plaques from 10 Mdm and subunits.

    Here’s a 10 Mdm Regt plaque from Sgt Helen Janner

    10 Mdm Regt plaque

    37 Mdm Bty

    The only plaque I’ve seen for 37 Bty is as follows.

    37 Bty plaque

    2/10 Mdm Regt and 2/10 Fd Regt

    There were some plaques produced for the batteries of 2/10 Mdm (later 2/10 Field). The following two plaques were for 2/10 Mdm and 2/10 Fd (Sgts Mess) from SGT Helen Janner.

    2/10 Mdm Regt plaque
    2/10 Fd Regt Sgts Mess plaque

    22 Bty

    I’m aware of two plaques. The first features a M2A2 and the badge.

    Earlier 22 Fd Bty plaque

    A later plaque featured Ned Kelly as a bushranger with the name “Bushrangers”.

    22 Fd Bty Bushrangers plaque

    Comment on the “Bushrangers” significance.

    The Bushrangers plaque was by BSM WO2 Trifford. He was looking for a Victorian reference for the battery given it’s location. There is also a version with a white V behind the bushranger figure which I have. I recall being involved in the search for a new plaque at the time and it was well before 2006 at the old 22 Bty.

    Takis Diakoumis

    Here’s the other version of that plaque.

    22 Fd Bty “Bushrangers” plaque with V variation

    38 Mdm Bty

    The following plaque is from SGT Helen Janner and is similar to the 22 Fd Bty plaque featuring a gun (M198) and badge.

    38 Mdm Bty plaque