Dandenong Freedom of Entry Key

As part of updating the register of items in the Memorabilia Room at Chapel St. we came across this key.

It was presented to the Regiment (15 Fd Regt) by the Mayor of Dandenong to commemorate the conferring of Freedom of Entry into the City of Dandenong on 17 Mar 1962.

The inscription reads:

This Key was presented to the 15 Field Regiment Royal Australian Artillery on the 17th March, 1962 by the Mayor of Dandenong Cr K.A.Falconer, J.P.

To commemorate the conferring upon the Regiment, Freedom of Entry into the City of Dandenong.

More information on the Freedom of Entry from that day can be found at – https://artilleryvic.org.au/index.php/gallery-new/historical-photos/dandenong-freedom-of-the-city-15-fd-regt/.

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