Reserve Artillery In Victoria (Post-1980)

The RAA Association (Vic) is currently working on a project to document the history of Reserve Artillery in Victoria.

There has been extensive work on documenting the pre-Federation and early 20th century Victorian artillery units. This site includes a page covering Colonial to Federation Victorian artillery and Federation to 1948.

However there is little covering post WWII, particularly the CMF units post WWII and Reserve Artillery units from the formation of the Army Reserve (1980). This section of the website is a working area to develop essays covering the different units from 1980 to the present day. Initial focus is on the Melbourne-based units, 2/15 Fd Regt and 2/10 Mdm Regt. This is not a slight at our country units, rather we’re limiting the scope to get the project started. Currently there is no work being done on the 1940-1979 CMF units.

The pages are: