2 Bty Gunners Mess Dining In Night

This ia a collection of photos scanned from one of the photo albums in the Association Memorabilia Room.

It’s obviously a Gunners Mess Dining-in Night as the staff are SNCOs, WOs and Officers. It’s at the Dandenong Drill hall.

It would have been sometime between mid-85 and mid-87 as that’s when LTCOL John Morkham was CO (and he’s guest of honour in the photos). My guess is the earlier part of that period as the RSM isn’t WO1 Peter Bruce who was there when I joined in mid-86.

It looks like Robin Thomas is the PMC of the mess and Allan Ambler his DPMC. As mentioned LTCOL Morkham was CO, CAPT Warren Barnard seems to be there as ADJT. Not sure if MAJ Robin Smith as 2IC, but I don’t know who the BC was. Many of the usual faces are there from all ranks. The catering would have been led by Georgie Beale (he’s in form in a few pics). I don’t know many of the faces but have tagged those that I do. I see CPL Andrew Kidd (“Skid”) was there as he, Allan Ambler, Barry McClease and I spent a bit of time together at the Recruit Training Wing at Pucka in 1984. Anyone have any more details?