Photos from Ray Dalli

Ray was a Bdr in 2 Bty, 2/15 Fd Regt and shared the following photos of some Bty activity around 1985.

Thanks for the photos Ray.

Filming of the Anzacs TV Series

The battery was used as part of the filming of the television series, the 1985 Anzacs miniseries. The gin were dressed up to look like 25 Pdr guns with wooden wheels, hessian and cart cases. The whole evenings filming (thus the grainy photos) resulted in about 5 seconds of footage.

2 Bty in the Field

The next set are from the battery deployed in the field (one on the way in the Shell servo on the Hume we used to stop at, and two from one of the Sites at Pucka).

Random other Photos

The remaining photos are from around the range, including a direct shoot comp and what looks like 1 Armd preparing for a Freedom of the City of Seymour.