Vietnam Veterans Research Project

We have had contact from a serving member who is seeking RAA Vietnam Veterans to assist him with his Masters of War Studies through ADFA.  We hope our members who served in Vietnam can assist him with his research.     

His letter is below:

Dear Royal Australian Artillery Association – Victoria,
My name is Captain Pietro Ruggeri. I’m a field gunner currently serving as a Ground Liaison Officer with 16th Air Land Regiment. I’m based out of RAAF East Sale, Victoria, and am completing a Master of War Studies through the Australian Defence Force Academy.
This year I’m undertaking a research project to complete my postgraduate education. My topic, fuelled by my allegiance to the Royal Regiment, is on the employment of Forward Observers during the Vietnam War.
I’m writing to you seeking the contact information of veterans who served in Vietnam that would be interested and willing to speak with me regarding their service as a Forward Observer before, during, and immediately after the Vietnam War. I am seeking both officers and soldiers in order to gain a depth of understanding across the corps.
The intent of my research project is to understand the development of the role of Forward Observers during the Vietnam War and identify commonalities with contemporary doctrine and practice. During my time as a Joint Fires Team Commander with the 8th/12th Regiment I saw a uniquely Australian method of supporting manoeuvre commanders, something I assess originates from our experiences in South East Asian conflicts.
I appreciate your time addressing this email and hope to hear from you soon.
Pietro Ruggeri
16th Air Land Regiment
0435 589 304