Stories from Time in the Victorian Regiments

We are building up a personal history of time spent in the various Victorian artillery regiments from the current membership.

This page shows all stories from members’ time in the various Victorian artillery units. It covers all recent Victorian units (2/15 Fd, 10 Mdm, 2/10 Mdm and Fd, 2/10 Lt Bty and 2/10 Bty in 9 Regt).

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  • Bty and Regt Plaques
    The topic of plaques for 2/10 Bty has come up this week. This discussion led to an exploration of the different plaques that have been in use by the units that led to 2/10 Bty 9 Regt. Following are examples of those we can find. Many of the Bty plaques featured a mascot. 2 Fd … Read more
  • Memories of 2 Bty, Batman Ave (2/15 Fd Regt)
    I received the following from John Pereira from his time at 2 Bty when it was at Batman Ave, covering the period 1973-1979. The Bty moved to Dandenong around 1980-81. Some memories that come to mind: The loading of the Brig. Rossi CRA out of the Jarks Club windows on a number of occasions. As … Read more
  • Memories from ARTEP Ex 93
    A few memories shared from Scott (Norm) Gallagher who was a FO Sig in 22 Bty in 1993. We were in EX at Pukka. I think it was the qualifying ex for the Mt Shanck trophy (ARTEP 93). We were just sig qualified and were on the hill had to dig a pit and have … Read more
  • 4 Bde Ex at Tindall RAAF Base, 1994
    David Edwards, FO, 22 & 38 Combined Bty In Oct 1994 2/10 Mdm Regt participated as a combined battery (+ extras) in a 4 Brigade exercise at the Tindal RAAF base. In addition to our regiment, there were elements of 5/6 RVR, 8/9 RVR, 4/19 PWLH, the engineers and other units from Victoria. Our fortnight … Read more
  • Regt Direct Shoot Competition
    David Edwards, YO, 23Bty Sometime in 1987, the regiment (2/15 Field Regiment) held a direct shoot competition at Pucka. From memory it was around Tehans Hill and involved lie rounds (obviously). It would have been in the middle of the year as we were all pretty rugged up. As one of the Bty LTs I … Read more
  • Recollections of the Baxter Depot
    David Edwards, YO & GPO, 23 Bty I arrived at the Baxter Depot (23 Bty, 2/15 Fd Regt) as a young officer sometime around late 1986 or early 1987. The site looked very much like the school who’s grounds we shared. The depot was a replacement for the Bty after the old 15 Fd Regt … Read more
  • Cultana92 – Part3
    David Edwards, FO, 22 Bty In the second week we returned to the range. At some point we migrated the FO parties to the ridge to the west. It was steep. One night I slept in my sleeping bag wedged in the bottom of a tree to stop sliding down the hill. Then there was … Read more
  • Cultana92 – Part2
    David Edwards, FO, 22 Bty The middle weekend it was back to the camp. First thing in the morning we did the CFT with the forced march (15ks?) followed by a wind-down afternoon of cleaning and BBQ. Then the heavens opened up. It had been hot, dry and dusty all week – the rain turned … Read more
  • Cultana92 – Part1
    David Edwards, FO, 22 Bty The newly formed 2/10 Medium Regiment travelled across to Cultana Range in Oct 1992. I was a FO with 22 Bty. Here are my notes (spread across multiple parts). Soon after 2/15 Fd Regt and 10 Mdm Regt amalgamated into 2/10 Mdm Regt under LtCol David Forster, we held an … Read more
  • First Weekend in 2/15 as a YO
    David Edwards, 2LT (YO), HQ Bty 2/15, sometime in 1996 at Pucka First weekend in Arty. Rocking up with pack, webbing and rifle expecting it to be like the grunts and getting told to throw that stuff (not rifle) in the truck. Enjoying Blazing Saddles on the 8mm with a sheet hanging off the F1. … Read more

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