Photos from Mitch Kenny

A collection of photos covering many years in 23 Bty.

23 Bty Dining In Night (1981)

Photos from a 23 Bty dining in night from sometime in 1981 (processed Oct 81). Looks like Ian George was BC and Dave Osborne was BK.

Field Exercise with Chinooks (1983)

23 Battery deployment training with Chinooks.

Parades 23 Bty Participated In

The first set of photos appear to be from the opening of the Baxter Depot. The second would have been some 3 MD parade at Watsonia (Band Corps and 5/6 RVR bands).

Fancy Dress in the Baxter Mess

Most of these photos are from one night.

Random Photos Around the Depot

No idea when, some look like they might have been combined activities.

Random Photos in the Field

Again, no idea when, but all 23 Bty and all look like Pucka.

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