2023-05-23 – ANZAC Day at Sargood Barracks

Article by Stuart Pigdon, Photos by Carl Sarelius

ANZAC Day pre-dawn weather was dry, comparatively mild and still.  Given the favourable weather the 2/10 Lt Bty dawn service held at the Chapel Street depot was held outside in comfort.

There was a good gathering of around 50-60 people present, with a cross section of both serving and former Bty members, associated family and a solid turn out from the RAA Association.

The topic of BC’s ANZAC Day address was ‘Resilience’ and in this address he drew parallels between the challenges and fears experienced by the Australian society during major conflict and how these same challenges and fears were mirrored in the 2020/2021 COVID experience.  In both scenario’s Australian society chose to face into the challenge, adapt and manage through, as the other option was to lose hope and civil cohesion through fear of the unknown.

Following the dawn service, attendee’s enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with comrades in the drill over a substantial breakfast washed down with ample coffee, laced with Bundaberg Rum for those that wanted it. 

Following the service, Maris Sloan presented the RAA Association with a copy of the book, ‘SURGEON AND GENERAL A Life of Major-General Rupert Downes 1885-1945’ autographed by the author, Ian Howie-Willis.  This book has been taken into the Association library for the enjoyment of members in the future.

On behalf of the Association, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to the Bty and those members involved in hosting the 2023 dawn service.  On a personal note, I enjoyed the opportunity to pay my respects this ANZAC Day in the company of gunners for the first time in many years and look forward to doing so again at future ANZAC Day services.

Stuart Pigdon, Secretary, RAA Association (Vic)