Flying Our Flag

From SGT Peter Harris

I received a flag pole from my family for my 60th birthday 15 years ago. Since then I have been slowly accumulating flags for worthwhile occasions … including overseas visiting house-guests and also to recognised significant days.

When we moved house in 2020 we purchased a new pole for our new home to continue to “have fun with flags”. (Carrol and Richardson Flagworld in Mulgrave are good.)

When not flying the Australian flag, I also have flags for 24 countries for acknowledgement of Bastille Day (France), St Patrick’s Day (Ireland), a banner for Christmas time, our family crest for family, along with flags for the National Days for Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, South Africa, Denmark, Scotland, Wales and others. 

Yes, I do fly the Artillery flag (see photo) on August 01 being the anniversary of Artillery in Australia. I also fly this flag on other military anniversaries including the battle of Long Tan August 18, VP Day, VE Day, and of course, St Barbara’s Day December 04.

I also have a flag with a “pirate” emoji (with “have a nice day matey”  across the base of the flag) which I fly for various neighbours’ “kids” who love to have a flag flying just for them on their birthday. 

It’s fun, it creates interest and conversation, and it makes people happy.


Peter Harris

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