2/10 Mdm Regt and the 2 Div AIF Trophy

I was processing some photos passed to me by the President and came across the following showing senior officers from 2/10 receiving a rather large and unique trophy.

Many will recognise MAJ Peter Rowley (BC 22 Bty), MAJ Ron Harris (BC 38 Bty), LTCOL Peter Alkemaide (CO 2/10 Mdm Regt). The other Major is Richard “Dick” McDonagh, the OPSO. The tall gent is CDA 2 Div COL John “Morph” Kirkwood.

The people, uniforms and location (notice the old Manly School of Arty in the background) place the photos around 94/95. But I had no idea what the trophy was.

With some help on the Association and Royal Australian Artillery facebook pages, the trophy was identified as a 2 Div RAA trophy called the “AIF Trophy”. This was awarded to 2/10 Mdm Regt in 1995. This was not long after Victorian Artillery came under 2 Div in NSW (having had the 3rd Division in Victoria prior).

The award was written up in Cascabel Issue 45 from Jul 1995. From that article…

This tropy is presented annually to the most efficient unit within HQ 2 Div Arty. The competition is judged on all matter concerning the daily functioning of an ARES unit. The unit must rate in depot and equipment maintenance, preparation and conduct of training, unit attendance, recruiting and retention etc. The trophy was presented by NSW members AIF Field Artillery to CMF FD ARTY (NSW) on the 20 APR 1939 for an annual competition.

Cascabel #45, p11

Here’s the mention of the trophy in the RAA Standing Orders.

I can’t find a date on the awarding, but it looks to be at an officers TEWT at SoA sometime early 1995.

Do you have any more details? If so, post a comment below.

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