Memories from ARTEP Ex 93

A few memories shared from Scott (Norm) Gallagher who was a FO Sig in 22 Bty in 1993.

We were in EX at Pukka. I think it was the qualifying ex for the Mt Shanck trophy (ARTEP 93). We were just sig qualified and were on the hill had to dig a pit and have it all cammed up. The FO (name removed to protect the guilty) wouldn’t touch a spade, so myself, Coulson and Goldy jnr did the hard work.

Then a Kiowa flies over, lands and takes the FO, me and someone else for a fly around to call in a few fire missions. We were fkn stoked. That fire mission from the chopper was the most intense thing. Coulson had to relay the fire orders from the chopper to the CP. They landed near the bty the next day and took a few for a ride.

That camp was hotter than hell. A few A Bty boys were with us. Wilco was CP Sgt. I’m sure POG (Paul O’Grady) was on that EX. As either GPO or Recon Officer.

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