Regt Direct Shoot Competition

David Edwards, YO, 23Bty

Sometime in 1987, the regiment (2/15 Field Regiment) held a direct shoot competition at Pucka. From memory it was around Tehans Hill and involved lie rounds (obviously). It would have been in the middle of the year as we were all pretty rugged up.

As one of the Bty LTs I was assigned to a gun detachment, my one run by Sgt (later Maj) Garry Rolfe. I was No2 running the sight, which on a direct shoot meant I was looking at the target.

Each of the detachments were mounted up at a marshalling point. Then we’d set of and somewhere down the road, a DS would jump out (I think Ken Foggie was one), brief the No1 who would direct bringing the gun into action, laying on the gun, and then adjusting on the target. There were three stands, one on the flat beside the road, one up the hill and one on the flat on the other side of the hill. Scoring was based on timing and accuracy (how quick to deploy and how quick to get onto the target).

Garrys gun won. Our prize was a final shoot with the whole regiment watching. I think we did some HE round adjustment before FFE with White Phosphorus. The poor tree didn’t know what hit it, but it was spectacular to watch.

This was the only time I recall doing a live direct shoot practice and it was a great training activity.