150th Anniversary – Events on 1 Aug

Good morning Victorian Gunners, friends and associates,

The 1st of August is the 150th Anniversary of Artillery in Australia. There are events being run around the country to celebrate our 150th birthday, commencing with a series of co-ordinated events on 1 Aug centred on a national Fireplan. 

COVID-willing the 150th Anniversary events in Victoria will be going ahead on 1 Aug (two weeks time). This is a great opportunity to celebrate our 150 years of gunnery in Australia, and specifically in Victoria where we have some of the oldest artillery history and fired the first round of WWI.

In summary there are three locations for the events:

  • The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne – 1130-1300
  • Fort Queenscliff (Fort and Museum) – 0930-1130
  • South West Cannon Trail, Warrnambool – 0900-1500

Details below. These events will be in accordance with VIC State Govt Covid-19 restrictions, a QR Code has been created for the three events.

The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne – 1130-1300

The forecourt and firing point at the Shrine will host a number of activities including a static display (featuring 12lb Armstrong Gun for Werribee Half Bty, 2/4 Fd Regt 25lb gun) and firing by 2/10 Bty as part of the National Salute.

The timeline for the day is as follows:

  • 0900: Commence Set Up
  • 1045: Arrival and set up 2/10 Bty
  • 1115: VIP Arrival
  • 1130: Ceremonial gunline established
  • 1130 – 1145: Welcome Address COL Cooke, outline of events and brief history of Victorian Gunnery
  • 1145 – 1215: 12 LB display – brief history of Gun no 370, Werribee and Chrinside Family FB Gun drill in period uniform
  • 1215 – 1230: 25 LB display, and history of 2/4 Fd Regt – Syria, Lae, Ramu Valle FB Gun Drill
  • 1230 – 1240: Set up for salute
  • 1240 – 1245: Conduct of salute
  • 1245: Final Address
  • 1250: End of ceremony

If you would like to help setup we will be there from 9am, otherwise we will see you at ~1130. 
A few 2/15 and 2/10 members will be meeting at the Botanical Hotel, Domain Rd, South Yarra for drinks at 11am. 

The Bty has invited all back to Sargood Barracks for lunch and drinks following the activities at the Shrine. Timings TBA – will be after the activities but allowing for the Bty members to clean the guns. If you are thinking of attending the Bty after the Shrine, please RSVP so the Bty can plan for catering.

Fort Queenscliff (Fort and Museum) – 0930-1130

SGT Helen Janner and the 10 Mdm Regt Assoc have arranged for the Fort Queenscliff fort and museum to be open on the day. There will be an address, a tour of the museum and morning tea.

The timeline for the day is as follows:

  • 0900: Open up Fort and prepare the Museum
  • 0930: Commence with opening address
  • 0940: Commence Tour of Museum
  • 1045: Morning Tea
  • 1100: Short Address – President 10 MDM REGT ASSOC 
  • 1130: End of event 

Lunch at the local RSL has been organised following the events at the fort.

South West Cannon Trail – 0900-1500

The Warrnambool City Council has established the South West Cannon Trail (https://visitwarrnambool.com.au/itineraries-2/south-west-cannon-coastline-trail/) and is supporting the 150th Anniversary with a number of events. There are three gun emplacements, Warrnambool, Portland and Port Fairy, featuring 80lb rifled cannons dating back to 1860. There will be blank firings with re-enactment crews at each location across the day.

The timeline for the day is as follows:

  • 0900: One round salute – Portland
  • 1200: One round salute – Port Fairy
  • 1500: One round salute – Flagstaff Hill, Warrnambool

The Flagstaff Hill location will be the main one and may host other activities.

This will be a great day for the gunner community in Victoria. All events will be supported by Army and local media. I encourage you to come out to one of the events and enjoy the history.