Update on 150th Anniversary Events

As we’ve mentioned in the past, 2021 is the 150th Anniversary of the establishment of permanent artillery in Australia. At the committee meeting this week there was much discussion around activities – whilst there are some nationally coordinated events with a focus on NSW, we are focussing on facilitating events in Victoria, especially given our rich Australian Artillery heritage.

The major activity currently scheduled is for our birthday – 1 August. There will be a nationally coordinated fireplan, based around the Shrine. 2/10 Bty will be firing an 18-gun salute with the M2A2s as part of the national fireplan. Supporting this will be static displays (perhaps firings) of current equipment, 25 Pdrs, the Armstrong Gun and anything else we can muster. Colonel Cooke and Brigadier Perry are co-ordinating with many organisations such as Army (School of A and the Bty), the Werribee Half Battery and other historical/re-enactment groups. We will be working with the Shrine to see what else can be included. This will be an exciting day and definitely something for the calendar.

Coastal Gunnery is also a critical piece of our history and we are working to get activities to run on that day at Point/Fort Nepean and Fort Queenscliff. We are also looking at an activity in Warrnambool.

Whilst 1 Aug is the most significant activity, there are a number of other events being discussed for the year:

  • Another social gathering at the Cranbourne RSL such as the one run by Lisa and Phil in 2019
  • A cocktail function similar to the one being planned for Sydney in Oct
  • 2/10 Battery functions
  • Ongoing webcasts from the Bty BC, Major James Eling, and reinstating the Gunner Symposium evenings at the battery.
  • Unveiling of the 12lb Armstrong Gun by the Werribee Half Battery on 12 Sept.
  • Hopefully a dinner/St. Barbara’s Day event at the end of the year.

As details firm up, we will share them.There are also some activities being organised by the Australian Artillery Association (the national body) and details can be found on the https://australianartilleryassociation.com website.Two calls to action:

  1. Put 1 Aug in your diary and plan to get to one of the anniversary events
  2. We will need some help. We anticipate there will be an increased need for coordination, logistics, communication help as we get closer to events. If you’ve got time we’d love some help. Please reach out to me.

Oh, and don’t forget the Shrine is running their Last Post every Sunday at 4:45. The Battery also fires salutes on key dates – the next one will the the Queens Birthday.