Supporting Legacy in 2020

We have received the following email from BRIG Perry regarding supporting Legacy in 2020 given the current restrictions.

Good afternoon all

As many of you may know, I am a Legatee, having been dragooned into service with Mornington Peninsula Legacy some 22 years ago, where I have been Treasurer, President and Secretary.

It seemed to me to be an appropriate extension of my service to community after 33 years with the Army Reserve.

When I commenced we had 3400 Widows and dependents and now we are down to just on 1000. Whilst this may appear that we are on the “home stretch” nothing is further from reality. We have a steady inflow from SVN and the number of disabled dependents remains quite high. In addition the demographic has also changed and our volunteer workforce has also altered significantly.

Legacy is somewhat unique in that we only conduct one formal fund raising event per year, in the first week of September, where our traditional  mode of attack has been the sale of badges in the street and particularly in shopping malls and other places where there is a good traffic of shoppers.

The lockdown of Covid-19 has swept away our area of operations and we need to replenish our working fund by Click & Collect.

The aim for the Mornington Peninsula is $50,000 and that works out to about $1000 per Legatee 

The bank details are available from (I’d rather not make the details publicly available).

If you require a receipt and/or a badge to display on your already decorated chest please email the secretary who will put you in contact with BRIG Perry.

If you still have job or you are a self-funded retiree, try starting @$20 otherwise $10

P.S. I realise that some of you are already involved with Legacy and may be able to contribute elsewhere, however I would prefer you gave to my lot.

Keep safe and be generous

Warmest regards

Doug Perry

Please support this initiative.

VJ Day – 75th Anniversary – from MGStJP

VJ Day – 75th Anniversary
The Master Gunner St James’ Park has prepared a video-message in which he addresses the 75th Anniversary of VJ-Day; the end of WW2 and the part played by the Commonwealth family of Gunners.
The MGStJP has asked that the video be widely distributed across the serving and retired members of all Commonwealth Artillery Regiments before Saturday 15th August 2020.

Use link below:

Message from the Master Gunner St James’s Park

(From 21 April)


I am sure all members of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, serving and retired, and all members of our sister artillery regiments in Commonwealth countries, will join me in congratulating Her Majesty The Queen, our Captain General, on the occasion of Her 94th birthday today.  We wish Her and also His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh continuing good health as they isolate at Windsor Castle.

Normally we would be proud to mark our Captain General’s birthday with gun salutes at a number of locations but Covid-19 means that is neither appropriate nor possible.  However, we plan to share footage of previous salutes held on 21st April as a mark of respect to Her Majesty.  

These gun salutes are certainly not the only events that we have been forced to cancel or delay as a result of the pandemic.  The Royal Artillery Association Assembly, due to be held in Blackpool in mid May, has been provisionally rescheduled for October.  I very much hope it will be able to occur, not least because firstly this is the centenary of the formation of both the Royal Artillery Association and the Royal Horse Artillery Association and secondly that these two important organisations have decided to merge in recognition of the fact that we are all Gunners.  The Blackpool gathering will be the first ever combined Assembly.  Please remember that the Association is there to support you and your family, particularly now with the pressures of the lockdown; if you know of a serving or retired member of our Regiment, or their dependants, who need help, do use our Regimental networks.

Other events that have been disrupted include recruit training, all training at Larkhill, the events to mark the centenary of the Royal School of Artillery in July, memorial services to celebrate the lives of distinguished former members of the Royal Artillery, sports meetings, dinners and much more.  However, the serving regiments remain busy and, in a number of areas, are providing support to the NHS and related organisations; I congratulate them, as always, for their professionalism and commitment as they go about their business, never seeking the limelight but still doing a first class job.

Most importantly, I wish you and all your families continuing good health and wellbeing during these unprecedented and most challenging times.  As Gunners we need to continue to look out for one another; please do that, especially where you know of hardship, for the Regiment can and would like to help.

Lieutenant General Sir Andrew Gregory KBE CB

Master Gunner St James’s Park

May News

We’ve made a few changes to the website. You will notice a scrolling banner of recent pictures on the main page, as well as addition of sponsors to the association. We’ve also added newsletters and articles we get in from other associations.

Face-to-face Events Cancelled

As with ever facet of our life at the moment, the Association is moving to meet the government “Stay at Home” mandates. This means face-to-face events have been cancelled. This includes the Committee Meeting scheduled for 9 Apr – this will now be a virtual event. You should have seen notices that the ANZAC Day events are cancelled.

I would assume any of the other events we have advertised on behalf of associated organisations will be cancelled or changed to virutal events, although I have not seen any details.

RAA Assoc (Vic) – March News

The following is the March update emailed to members (with attachments and contact details removed. If you wish further information on the items or the Association in general, please email:

Good Morning Victorian Gunners, Friends and Associates, 

Please find below a list of upcoming activities and items to be aware of. As always we try to keep the website ( up to date. The items are:

  1. Submissions for the April RAA Assoc (Vic) Newsletter – Articles needed ASAP
  2. Invitation to the launch of the book “Clash of the Gods of War: Australian Artillery and the Firepower Lessons of the Great War” – 26 Mar – Canberra
  3. RAA Liaison Letter 2020 – Winter Edition and Cannonball Journal – Articles by 27 Mar
  4. Invitation to attend ‘The Bloody Beachheads’ One-Day Conference – 4 Apr 2020 – Melbourne
  5. ANZAC Day Gunfire Breakfast – 25 Apr – Chapel St Depot
  6. 2/10 Mdm Regt RAA Reunion – Sat 25 Jul 1pm-5pm – Cranbourne RSL
  7. M777 prints for sale

1. Submissions for the April RAA Assoc (Vic) Newsletter – Articles needed ASAP 

MAJ Neil Hamer is preparing for the next edition of our Association newsletter. He is keen to get articles of interest to the Victorian (and indeed the wider) gunner community. If you have a story to share or other item of interest, please contact Neil or contact me. Neil can help with any editing needs. The earlier the better for submission, but the end of March is the cutoff. Note that we are also looking for sponsorship to help cover the printing and mailout costs of the newsletter. Whilst most of our members get an electronic copy, some still prefer a hard copy in the mail, and whilst our income is decreasing, printing/mailing costs are increasing. Details will be in the next newsletter.

2. Invitation to the launch of the book “Clash of the Gods of War: Australian Artillery and the Firepower Lessons of the Great War” – 26 March – Canberra

From MAJ Terry Brennan (Staff Officer to Head of Regiment) … On behalf of Deputy Head of Regiment, LTCOL Ben Gray and  RAAHC board member and co-editor, LTCOL Nick Floyd, I am pleased to forward you details on the soon to be released excellent RAA publication ‘Clash of the Gods” which will be of interest to all Gunners.  

Clash of the Gods of War Background

Following the success of the Firepower Seminar Series, Nick Floyd proposed that an anthology of all the presentations be published as a book. The RAAHC endorsed the proposal and the result has been the production of Clash of the Gods of War: Australian Artillery and the Firepower Lessons of the Great War. Nick has had tremendous support from his steering committee,  Dr William Westerman from the AWM and from Big Sky Publishing

The book will brings together scholars and practitioners to present fresh and erudite insights into the development of Australian artillery through the First World War and the application of firepower more broadly. Please refer to the attached brochure for more background detail. 

Book Launch If you are in the Canberra area I would encourage you to attend the book launch on the 26th of this month (March).  Please refer to the attached invitation for details. 

The book will be available for purchase in all good book stores. Enjoy reading about our history.

3. RAA Liaison Letter 2020 – Winter Edition and Cannonball Journal – Articles by 27 Mar

From MAJ Terry Brennan (Staff Officer to Head of Regiment) … 

Hello from Puckapunyal. I have attached the formal request calling for submissions for the next RAA Liaison Letter  & Cannonball.

It would be most help full if  everyone could try and adhere to the submission deadlines if possible, however I always remain flexible.

The journal is only as good as the contributions made so I encourage everyone to consider supporting it even if only to write a letter to the editor.

As highlighted in the attachment submissions are requested to be sent to me by Friday  27 March 2020.

Addressees are welcome to forward this email as they feel appropriate to interested Gunner parties.

I look forward to your continued support.

4. Invitation to attend ‘The Bloody Beachheads’ One-Day Conference – 4 April 2020

From LTCOL Michael Buckridge … “Would you be kind enough to pass on this email and attachment to your membership list.  I would be grateful if you could assist in this way to publicise the event to an audience many of whom may be interested.  It promises to be a very interesting day with well qualified speakers on a somewhat neglected aspect of Australian military history.”

5. ANZAC Day Gunfire Breakfast – 25 Apr – Chapel St Depot

The annual gunfire breakfast run by the Bty at Chapel St. Open to all. Details to follow.

6. 2/10 Mdm Regt RAA Reunion – Sat 25 Jul 1pm-5pm – Cranbourne RSL

This is a gathering for anyone associated with the Victorian regiments of the last few decades; 2/15 Fd, 10 Mdm, 2/10 Mdm/Fd, 2/10 Bty. Following the very successful event in 2019, Lisa is organizing another one. Please consider coming along. See details in attached pic, or contact me. (removed)

This will be a great catchup afternoon.

7. M777 Prints for Sale

This came from MAJ Gary Down (SO2 HOR) late last year… As some of you may be aware, in May 2017 the Australian Artillery Association very kindly presented the RAA with a large oil painting of an M777 and detachment painted by Mr Phillip Pomroy. The painting now hangs in the School of Artillery.

A proposal was discussed at the Regimental Committee Meeting in Feb this year regarding prints of the painting, and it was agreed that there would be a run of 200 prints of which 50 would be numbered and signed by the artist.

The prints have now been produced and a low-res image is attached FYI. The only difference between the attached image and the hard-copy prints is that the prints have a 40mm white border for framing purposes. The overall dimensions of the print are 672mm x 415mm.

The signed prints will be sold for $100 each, and the unsigned prints for $35 each.  Additional unsigned copies can be printed if there is the demand.

Individual prints will be available for purchase in November and I would therefore be grateful if you would give this matter the widest distribution and place any orders through me.

Many thanks for your assistance.